Baked Eggs

Delicious. Indeed :)
What could possibly be more beautiful than emerging from the kitchen without a spot of grease yet presenting the smartest looking breakfast ever :) Yep and that would have to be baked eggs. Whether it's for a circus troupe or just for two, it's equally effortless and nutritious to start the day!

Jen says it so well, (baked) eggs aren’t volatile, they won’t get drunk ... or embarrass you in public. Reliable. Special. Delicious.

  • 1 tbs fresh parsley, minced
  • A pinch of  dried thyme
  • A pinch of dried rosemary
  • Black peppercorns
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 strips streaky bacon
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tbs grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 tsp unsalted butter
Serves 2. Adapted from Use Real Butter 

  1. Preheat oven to 190°C. Line 2 gratin dishes (or any ovenproof dish) with unsalted butter and crack 2 eggs in each dish. Set aside
  2. Chopped bacon strips to tiny pieces and fry over a dry non-stick pan on medium heat. Do not add any additional oil as bacon will ooze out it's  natural fats once heated
  3. Pour browned and crispy bacon bits equally in each dish and sprinkle in cheese, garlic and herbs
  4. Finish with a crank of freshly ground black pepper and place both dishes in the oven
  5. For runny yolks, set oven timer to 5 minutes while firmer yolks for 10 minutes. Depending on the depth of the dish, adjust timing accordingly
  6. Serve toast bread and freshly squeezed orange juice to complete the meal :)
Have a wonderful well deserving weekend everyone! 


  1. What a beautiful job you did! I think more people should befriend an egg too :)

  2. What an amazing breakfast! Beautiful photos by the way!

  3. Love this. Great way to start the day.

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  5. I must get my groove on with some bakes eggs pronto! Beautiful :)

  6. This is an interesting way to enjoy eggs. Looks delicious!

  7. I made similar last week (baked eggs but with less ingredients). It was so easy and very delicious. Love love love it!

  8. this is really so beautiful and yummy looking! i love your page!

  9. Delicious! :) I love egg dishes.

  10. Just thinking of what to make for brunch. Perfect timing to catch your post! Hope all is well.

  11. Those pretty eggs look great with the mix of herbs. Sounds like a delicious breakfast!

  12. I love egg dishes.. this is great for me ;)

  13. That's the best looking breakfast I've seen in a very long time! Love how sunny the eggs look! :D

  14. I love making delicious, comforting breakfasts in the morning! I'd love to make this! You should consider submitting this to Recipe4Living's Breakfast Casserole Recipe Contest! You could win a whole bunch of things from Melitta Coffee!

  15. It's like eggs gone gourmet. Will definitely give this a try.

    Btw, I love your casserole dish!

  16. I made this the other day and it was an absolute hit. The boyfriend loved it. Thanks again for the recipe! :)