Mussels in White Wine

Easy breezy. Beautiful meal
Mussels and white wine. It can't get anymore perfect than this for the weekend :)

In fact, there shouldn't really be a recipe for this, just 5 other ingredients, no spoons or cups. A handful of this and a bunch of that will get you there (with good wine of course)...

BUT I felt compel to supplement the recipe anyway because when I started cooking I love to follow every recipe to the T (literally, means walking 5 blocks for a missing ingredient!). However this dish is really one of those where you can exercise instincts and taste preference easily :)
  • 1 kg black mussels, thoroughly scrubbed
  • A third of a white wine bottle, or 250ml
  • 4 garlic clove, minced
  • 2 shallot, minced
  • 2 bird's eye chili (chili padi) 
  • A bunch of parsley, or 5 stalks
  • A knob of butter, or 50g 
  • A couple drops of olive oil, or 1 tbs
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 
Adapted from Maameemoomoo

  1. Heat up a large non-stick pan on medium heat with olive oil and stir fry minced garlic and shallot
  2. Add white wine first then mussels and cover lid for 5 minutes
  3. Check all mussels are opened, if not continue steaming with lid on for a couple of extra minutes. Discard stubbornly unopened mussels
  4. Once ready add butter, chili and parsley
  5. Stir fry to coat mussels evenly
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste by testing the broth 
Delicious. Sunny. And wine. I want my weekend again!


  1. I never tried mussels, your pictures really tempt me to have some.

  2. wow Your mussel dish looks outstanding! So are the photos! I love the first one especially. Mouthwatering!

  3. oh wow, this looks GREAT!
    i always add mine with a bit of pasta (:

  4. oh and i was curious as to what format/mode you save your pictures in to get that bright vivid look?
    mine always seem to dull, when uploaded, and tends to auto-save itself as jpg. :(

    i hope to hear from you soon <3

  5. I didn't eat this for quite some times liao...

  6. so pretty! wine and seafood, it can't get any better than this :D

  7. Love mussels and you made it beautifully!

  8. This is my fave too. Best for summer time here. :)

  9. Beautiful photos!

    Yes, must stand by some nice bread next time aye? *smile* Glad u like my anyhow recipe!

  10. Ooooh there is nothing better than a huge plate of communal mussels... this looks wonderful, your photos are gorgeous.

  11. @Edible Art
    Yes Jpeg too but enlarging it a little helps to brighten it a teeny bit on Blogspot. The birght vivid is mostly from tweaking in Photoshop (Exposure/Highlight). Hope it works for you too ;)

    @Maameemoomoo - a ½ food blog
    Sherie, I absolutely love it! :)

  12. I love mussels, but the one time I made them it was such a pain to clean them (soak them to get rid of sand) and then pull out the 'beard' (ew!) . . . unless I can find pre-cleaned mussels, in which case I'd be ALL OVER this recipe. =) Looks fabulous!

  13. I may prefer clams to mussels in such a dish....but I am also a handful of this and a bunch of that person when it comes to cooking. That makes cooking fun and less stressful. And that explains why I don't bake cos the same "handful of this and a bunch of that" technique can't apply to baking :O

  14. oh my gosh! wow! this definitely belongs in a restaurant!

  15. I love mussels in wine sauce, the best part is dipping up the sauce with bread yumm

  16. Oh! Your mussels look fabulous. I love mussel, but haven't tried to cook them...yours look perfect :-) Have a great week ahead!

  17. Yum! Mussel in white wine is such a beautiful classic. Lovely photos.

  18. I love how versatile mussels are. There are so many great ways to flavor them, and the bird's eye chilis here sound great! A gorgeous meal.

  19. @tigerfish
    Totally agree, baking requires precision, hence not much on my blog too :P
    Ah yes that's what's missing from my plate, bread :)

  20. Beautiful! I am a big big fan of mussels!

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