Gravlax (Dill-cured Salmon)

Happy long weekend :) I've been so busy this week that I'm totally disengaged from the blogsphere. I apologise for not visiting  many of your blogs or responded to any comments. I hope it'll ease off a little before the ultimate crunch time in June and July! 

Haalo has invited me to host this coming Weekend Herb Blogging and I'm thrilled to be hostess to the mostess :) So send in your dish today onwards (photo width 300px) to and I'll round it up after May 1. 

To kick start this event, I've cured (or rather still curing in my fridge) salmon to make the infamous Gravlax. Yep that's the same dish popularised by Ikea. The main ingredient is a wonderful herb called dill. It has green wispy leaves with a soft, sweet taste. It's also a flavourful way to help prevent bone loss! 

  • 2 x 250g salmon fillets, with skin on (preferably both pieces are almost the same size)
  • A large bunch of dill, roughly chopped
  • 30g coarse sea salt
  • 15g caster sugar
  • 1 tbs white peppercorn, crushed 
Adapted from My Kitchen Table

  1. Washed salmon fillets under running cold water and pat dry
  2. Lay both pieces of fillet, skin-side down on a large cling wrap
  3. Mix dill, salt, sugar and white peppercorn in a bowl
  4. Spread the herb mixture evenly on one piece of the fillet
  5. Place the other fillet over it and hold it down tightly 
  6. Wrap salmon fillets in 3 layers of cling wrap and seal it in a Ziploc bag
  7. Place it in the fridge and use a chopping board to weigh down the fillets (I used a small cast iron skillet) 
  8. Chill for 48 hours and remember to turn it over every 12 hours so that the briny mixture that develops over time will bastes the fillets evenly
I'll share the follow up recipe in two-days time :) How very exciting!


  1. yum, dill is one of my favourite herbs. And yes, I always think of Scandinavia when I see gravalax!

  2. Woo another herb blogging event :)

  3. @wgfoodie
    Hi Ayami! As always I look forward to your delicious and healthy entry ;)

  4. Oh I am so drooling!!! I love salmon..and u r so right about Ikea and this dish. I didn't know it can be done at home!

  5. Hi Min, you've been tagged to share 5 Easter recipes. Please feel free to join us :)!

  6. Looks great!!! I love salmon and tried a similar dish at one stage, its amazing!

  7. I am a huge salmon lover and normally I grill it or eat it raw if it's sashimi grade. Making a cured salmon will be on my to-try list. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Looking forward to seeing the follow up recipe, but these photos are already making me drool :)

  9. Yummeh! I've always wanted to try this! Can't wait!

  10. I can't wait to see how your gravlax turns out! I've been toying with the idea of making salmon like this for at least 2 years, but I'm always a little intimidated since it's not cooked in a 'traditional' way.

  11. Hi Min! Hmm pepercorns... I see I'd love to try this recipe too. We get a huge piece of salmon in costco and don't know what to do with it most of the time (besides cooking in japanese way). Look forward to the next post!

  12. this reminds us of our IKEA days! the days when we used to hang out at IKEA :)

  13. another great way to use dill! (last time i had a bunch of dill and didnt know what to do with it!)

    never made cured salmon before altho it's on my list for one day! :)

  14. Salmon and dill seems like the perfect partners in crime don't they? The fillet looks amazingly fresh!

  15. @chopinandmysaucepan
    Hahah how fitting your description :)

  16. I've heard of preparing salmon something like this, but I've never tried it myself.

    I know this will probably sound like a stupid question, but after two days in fridge, do you cook the salmon or do you just eat it as is?

    Looks beautiful with all that dill on it! :)

  17. Yum! I never knew making gravlax was so darn easy! I love this stuff...a must have for my bagels when I'm needing that extra pick-me-up. :-) Looks gorgeous, Min. Always love the pinky hue from fresh salmon.

  18. Mmm, home-cured salmon is THE best. I love serving it at parties because people are soooo impressed that you made it. Little do they know how easy it is. ;)

  19. @Carolyn Jung
    You're totally right on! Cheap tricks we use :P

  20. I made this and it was delicious! Didn't know it's that easy to make at home. Thanks again for the recipe!

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