Pasta with Smoked Salmon

As promised, I found the most fitting recipe to go with my home-cured Gravlax. Imagine this being the only dish on my mind for the past two days. Boy am I hungry today! Quickly unbagged the salmon slices and drain away the briny juice. Did you remember to turn it every 12-hours? Well I did only once! With the over-flow of brine I honestly think it shouldn't make too big a difference ;)

The trick to savour Gravlax is to slice it as thin as possible. This way, you don't feel that it's too salty or too fishy. Feel free to also clear away the dill and crushed white peppercorn if it's cramping your style :)

Actually, the full title of this post should be Angel Hair Pasta with Smoked Salmon (Gravlax), Rocket, Lemon and Capers in Spicy Oil. There. I couldn't possibly think of how to fit it in the title space hence my poor summary of this dish that does absolutely no justice to describe how flavourful (hence perfect!) it is :) In fact this will be the only dish for the rest of the week, well until we run out Gravlax that is...

Yep almost-every ingredient in the original title!

  • 200g smoked salmon (or home-cured Gravlax), thinly sliced
  • 200g angel hair
  • ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely sliced
  • 2 dried bird's eye chilies, deseeded and sliced thinly
  • 2 tbs capers, drained away the brine juice
  • ¼ tsp chili flakes
  • 1 slice white bread, tear into crumbs (or ¼ cup croutons) 
  • Zest from 1 lemon
  • A handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
  • A handful of wild rocket (or any green leaves)
Adapted from BBC Good Food

  1. Heat a slug of olive oil in a non-stick pan until hot
  2. Add breadcrumbs and fry until golden and crisp, set aside
  3. Cook pasta in a pot of hot well-salted water until al dente
  4. At the mean time, heat up the remaining olive oil to add garlic and dried chili on low heat. Do not let the garlic fry as this is just to add spicy and garlic flavours to the oil
  5. Add lemon zest and capers to the oil and remove the pan from the heat
  6. Drain pasta into a large serving bowl and pour flavoured oil over it
  7. Toss well and add salmon, greens and tomatoes 
  8. Toss again and scatter bread crumbs over it and served
The next meal can't come soon enough to serve this again :)
The original recipe calls for spaghetti but I found angle hair more fitting for oil-based pasta dishes because the thinness of angel hair captures more essence from the oil than the thicker cousin. Or maybe it's just Waitrose spaghetti that's unusually thick! 

All these pictures are just testimony of how much I love this dish!
I promise the next dish will not be based on any creature of the sea! Please bear with my seafood craze :)


    1. I love salmon very much. This looks so delicious and comforting :)

    2. I love smoked salmon! I ate some at midday, it was delicious, i have to taste your pasta, i'm sure i won't be disapointed!!

    3. What a beautiful dish! I would kill for a bowl of that right now. I was trying to decide earlier this afternoon whether to make pasta or an asparagus soup tonight. Based on your post, pasta it is!

    4. This looks so lovely and springy :)

    5. What a delightful pasta dish! Who doesn't love smoked salmon?! I love it to death.

    6. I have no problems with your seafood craze! This looks fantastic.

    7. I see. So you slice the salmon very thin and toss it in the pasta.

      Your pasta looks absolutely gorgeous, and since it looks so pretty, I would be tempted to try the salmon like that. I have to admit that the thought of eating it uncooked makes me feel a little squeamish.

      I'm sure it tastes great, but I have this thing about textures, and if it has a slimy texture then no matter how good it tastes, I'd probably not eat it.

      But despite all that, you certainly photographed it in a way that makes it look very appetizing so I'd be adventurous and try it if I had a plate in front of me. :)

    8. I have never had smoked salmon in pasta...I bet it is very good.

    9. This looks delicious! Great combination!

    10. So refreshing and festive!

    11. This looks beautiful and fresh and perfect for a Spring pasta dish! :D

    12. The pics are lovely! This looks delicious & colorful! I've shared few awards with you. Please accept these :)

    13. Add my drool to these comments! Just wanted to let you know that I sent you a Weekend Herb Blogging submission this week, in case you haven't seen it in your in box.

    14. I have been enjoying light pasta dishes like this lately. This is another great idea!

    15. pasta and smoked salmon are two of my favorite things - what a great combination!

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