Seafood Paella

My very first homemade paella :)
Paella are hard to come by in Singapore, maybe the lack of Spanish restaurants or even generally in groceries, chorizo and jamon are a rarity. I recently had excellent seafood paella (cooking on a huge paella dish is so irresistible!) at a farmer's market and have since crave for it even more.

I'm quite anal particular about getting every ingredient right and arborio rice just won't do it for me (rightfully so because arborio can't retain too much moisture or it'd burst into a starchy mess). My search was complete when I bagged some Valencia rice from a Spanish restaurant with a tiny retail section. Next would just be a matter of nailing down the recipe. I've been following Jun's blog for a while (remember condensed milk pound cake) and his four-attempts-to-a-successful-paella made me all jittery about my first try, without a paella dish!

After more research (means more clicking on Google), I finally settled for an old recipe from Times, a little nerdy no less ;) Firstly for its recipe list that consists of only seafood ingredients (no chorizo or chicken) and a prelude to homemade fish stock (great discovery!) that I truly believe drew out the most flavour for this wonderful rice dish :)
Moist and flavourful rice stuffed in mussels!
  • 1 cup arroz bahía (Spanish round short-grained rice)
  • 2 cups fish stock (preferably homemade)
  • ½ cup green peas
  • 2 tsp paprika
  • 15 strands saffron
  • 10 clams
  • 10 green mussels
  • 10 tiger prawns, shelled
  • 1 squid, cleaned and sliced in rings
  • 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 red pepper, thinly sliced
  • 1 large ripe tomato, deseeded and cube
  • 1 lemon, cut in wedges
Serves 2 -3 (adjust the rice accordingly to serve more)
Adapted from Times UK

  1. Prepare homamade fish stock or dissolve stock cubes to exact cup measurement. While most of the other ingredients are flexible, measurement of stock must be twice of rice
  2. Infuse saffron strands in a tablespoon of hot water for 10 minutes
  3. In a paella dish (I used a slightly deep cast iron skillet instead), drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil in medium heat and toss in prawns and paprika for a minute
  4. Add squid, garlic, tomato, red pepper and give a quick stir for another 2 minutes
  5. Pour in rice and coat well with the rest of the ingredients for another 2-3 minutes
  6. Add fish stock into the pot and pour in saffron (with its liquid)
  7. Push clams and mussels to the bottom of the pan. You'll end up with full flavoured rice stuffed in the shells, yum! :)
  8. Lastly add peas in the mix and stop stirring
  9. Let the pan sit uncovered until all liquid has been absorbed and a slight crust has formed at the bottom of the pan. That's how Peggy insists that paella should be (slightly burnt at the bottom)
  10. Take the pan off the heat torest for ten minutes and served with lemon wedges
Thankfully a success on my first try! Erm right Justin? Except I forgot to shell the prawns!
Perfect weekend recipe for friends :)


  1. I'm not so authentic with my version of 'paella'! I can see how much better yours is, especially with the mussels and fish stock. Delicious!

  2. I love Spanish food and your Seafood Paella looks perfect :)

  3. OMG! I love seafood, so needless to say, DROOL! That homemade fish stock must've added some amazing flavor to this dish. Love that this is seafood only as well. I was never a big fan of mixing meat with seafood. Lovely dish and presentation.

  4. Impressive! Your results are beautiful and I'm sure super tasty as well. I need to get around to posting my recipe for paella (from my parents, who made it all the time when I was young) however have found the process of writing down the recipe very intimidating. Good job just jumping in!

  5. wow I am drooling......I have never prepared a paella myself. Yours looks so mouthwatering with all types of seafood!

  6. I really love the sound of this, I have never made a seafood paella but my hubby would be soooooo happy if i tried :) Feeling inspired, Thanks.

  7. You really take pride in your food, from the homemade fish stock, right up to the details of the picking the correct grain for rice in paella! I really applaud that :)

    So delicious, I know! You just make me drool....nothing else but drool...

  8. hear hear about the lack of spanish restaurants locally! (nt tt i know many to begin with...) i've tried my hand at making paella myself once and it was totally yums with the addition of chorizo. ok, ur pictures are making me crave it now...i think i'll make it again soon cos i still have leftover saffron strands. (:

  9. I'm a HUGE fan of paella, this is no joke... Most restaurants in MTL had a hard time to make really good paella without overcooking the seafood. I love the sensation of eating non-stop when it is well made.

  10. I can't that your paella is home cooked! I thought they are from a good restaurant. The large variety of seafood in your dish looks very inviting!

  11. Paella is perfect for the gluten free. Gorgeous and delicious!

  12. Looks AMAZING!!!!! Oh. my. god. You prepared homemade fish stock!!!! I'm sure this was a big hit and arhh too bad I don't live close to your home. =P So beautifully done!

  13. Wow I've not seen so many positive comments and compliments! I think my head is too big to pass through the door now :P

    @OohLookBel and @LeQuan
    Yes the stock makes ALL the difference!

    I just feel that using store-bought stocks are not consider homecooking (no doubt on its convenience!)

    That's so flattering! Thank you!

    @Just One Cookbook
    Nami, if you're my neighbour I'd pass you my extra fish stock :)

  14. Gorgeous dish! Takes me straight to the Mediterranean ;-)

  15. Ooo la, la! Just lovely and I can't help salivaitng right now! Great clicks!

  16. Wow, this made me salivate, look so so yummy. Well done for the 1st time. Bookmarked immediately!

  17. I've always wanted to cook paella, but I've been too scared to do so! I really like your idea of pushing the mussels to the bottom, sounds yummy filled with rice! Your photos are amazing too, I especially like the last one :)

  18. Looks yummy! I got some smoked rice to cook that I thought would go really well in a paella. Yumm...

  19. Your paella looks amazing! I have not made this dish in a while and you make me want to prepare this for dinner tonight.

  20. Your paella is so vibrant! I love love paella, thanks for sharing this gorgeous recipe!

  21. This looks absolutely perfect! Actually I was just given a packet of that rice so it's great timing to see this recipe! :D

  22. Min, I love paella, and yours look fabulous...what a beautiful meal. Have a great week ahead :-)

  23. i love paella this looks fabulous and flavourful

  24. A great paella! So colorful, flavorful and delicious looking.



  25. I love seafood paella! I've only ever ordered it out, but it looks delicious!

  26. firts time seriously I'm drolling over these pics....i love paella and your looks perfect and absolutely delicious...glad to follow ur space...I hav a space totally dedicated to fish visit whenever u get time :-)

  27. I know which farmer's market you are talking about! The paella there was fantastic! I bought 2 boxes of it. haha. I actually asked them if I could buy a pack of rice from them and they sold it to me for $15 but they gave me another box of their seafood paella cos I think they thought they overcharged me.

    But thanks for this recipe! I'm definately going to try it with the rest of the paella I have left! :)

  28. I'm a paella fiend, too. I was lucky enough to attend a conference at the CIA in St. Helena one year, where they were cooking HUGE pans of paella over outdoor fires. It was truly magical and delectable.

  29. Hi Anonymous, yep it's The Pantry's Market :) Absolutely delicious! Oh I didn't know that their short-grain rice is on retail!

  30. 3 words : OH MY GOSH!

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is this so yummy?! :(
    my tummy just grumbled.

  31. Paella has been on my to-do list for the longest time and seeing your beautiful plate just nudge me further. The seafood looks really fresh too. Hope I can find Spanish rice when I go shopping :)

  32. I love an all seafood paella, and this one sounds fantastic! I never seem to find Spanish rice like Valencia here, but I'd like to try it if I ever do.

  33. thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comments visit my space again :-)

  34. I had lots of good paella while in Spain, and this looks really similar to what I had! I guess all you need is those really authentic paella pans with those red handles huh? ;p

  35. Paella is my all time favourite! Looks yummy!