Some dreams are made of these
Hi, how have you been? I know it's been a while. I've been so disconnected from blogging and photography that I didn't know how or where to start. Then came a big kid and a small boy that had to be satisfied with gold fish crackers that did it for me. I baked, photographed and blogging now in the same breath, as thrilled as the first day of Christmas ripping open presents like there's no tomorrow! 

These gingersnaps (or rather ginger buttons) are for my work mates, as with last year's Christmas tradition. They are wonderfully crisp around the edges but soft inside. The dough is incredibly soft (even after refrigeration) so you can't really roll it out, instead shape them in balls and press it down with the edge of your palm. If you prefer the traditional large, soft cookies to mould fancy shapes, try this instead.

Thank you Robin and Andrea for always reminding me of my passion. And thank you Peggy for the lovely enamel plates (and everything else wonderful you've done in between) :)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Just in time for Christmas ! Love the lovely pics, keep snapping !

  2. SOOOOOO Happy to see your updated post! Chopinandmysaucepan and I were wondering where you have been! I hope they know you are back! ;-) Recently I took pictures of my cookies (for my 2nd time photo shooting cookies) and it was disaster. I just didn't know how to photograph them. You did such a wonderful job that these gingersnaps look extra tastier from the photos...

  3. Hi Nami! I want to thank you as well for being so supportive all this while! I'm so humbled by your comment :) I'll be making the green tea with white chocolate chip cookies soon!

  4. Hey Min, good to have u back in action! I was just wondering if u've stopped blogging. Lol! Just wanna let u know that u're missed :)

    Great shots & nice recipe! Happy holidays!

  5. I'm a big fan of yours! So happy to see your updated post! Honest Vanilla is back! Hooorrraayyy~~~


  6. Great to see you back baking and shooting. The photos are nice, it seems you have not lost your shooting skill.

    When and what is your next recipe?

  7. Glad you are back!!! I know, sometimes I feel the same way too but somehow, after a break.. I get back and still love it! These gingersnaps look like a gem to have!

  8. Hi! Thank you so much for your enthisiasm! :)
    Thank you for being so supportive all this while! I've made your smoked tea chicken a while back, was so delicious!
    You always make me *smile*
    Hmmm, likely to bake more after all 'tis the season :)
    Oh daphne! I'm so glad you understand! *Hugs*

  9. Where have you been? And it is great to hear from you again :)

  10. Welcome back! Keep bloggin and snapping :P happy holidays!

  11. @tigerfish
    I have no excuse! No excuse good enough to stop blogging ;) I've missed your blog and thank you so much for stopping by!
    Hi Ann! Thank you thank you for being here! Means so much to me :)

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  14. wow.. i love ginger snaps.. everything gingery! my girlfriend isn't confident about her cooking... but something makes me think that if she follows the recipes on this site, she'll be making some great stuff... :)